Advanced Rigger Training

Photograph of Tyler DeLong

Learn the Art of Stage Rigging

In the world of live events, stage rigging is not just about setting up equipment—it’s about ensuring the safety and success of every performance. Rigging must be executed with precision and understanding, as any oversight can have serious consequences. Correctly rigging above a stage can mean the difference between a flawless show and a potential life-threatening situation if the rigging system fails.

Join us for an enlightening stage rigging class led by Tyler DeLong of DeLong Rigging Solutions. Tyler brings a wealth of expertise as an ETCP Certified Rigger in both Theatrical and Arena Rigging (Certification #2771) and an ETCP Recognized Trainer. With his extensive background, including touring technician roles and a stint as Stage Carpenter at the Santa Fe Opera, Tyler has worked on renowned productions such as Cavalia’s Odysseo, Disney On Ice, and Jurassic World Live across North America, South America, and Asia.

About Tyler DeLong

Tyler earned his BA in Theatre with a Concentration in Technology from Indiana University and holds additional certifications including OSHA 30 and proficiency in various man-lifts and material handlers. His career spans from touring technician to Production Manager for Feld Entertainment, showcasing his comprehensive grasp of stage rigging and production management.

In this class, Tyler will delve into essential rigging principles, safety protocols, and practical techniques gleaned from his vast industry experience. Whether you’re new to rigging or looking to enhance your skills, Tyler’s insights and hands-on approach promise to be invaluable.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s foremost experts. Reserve your spot today by [Registration Link] or contact us at [Contact Information]. Let’s ensure every rigging setup enhances the magic of live events safely and professionally.

Happening Spring 2025

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