For every level of live theatre

Midwest Theatrefest is the perfect place for everyone who wants to develop or advance their live theatre capabilities to make their passion for entertainment into a career. Whether you’re just starting your theatrical journey, or you’re a seasoned pro looking to expand your skillset, Midwest Theatrefest has something for you.

Singers, dancers, lighting, sound design, props, wardrobe, riggers, stage management, company management, house management… It takes a lot of people with a lot of skills in different areas to produce live entertainment.

Midwest Theatrefest is the ultimate gathering for everyone who loves being involved in live entertainment, offering curated workshops and panels by industry experts. With workshops on topics including hair and makeup, wardrobe, rigging, company management, and – of course – performance.
Whether you’re drawn to the stage, pit, front of house, or backstage, this event provides key insights to help you turn your love for the stage into a lifelong pursuit. Join us for a celebration of the magic behind the curtains in the world of live entertainment.

More information coming soon