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PhileFest Flashback:
The Epic X-Files 30th Anniversary Bash!

PhileFest was the first event that Better Event Co hosted. We could not have been happier with how it turned out, with hundreds of people coming from all over the world to celebrate their favorite show. Here’s a recap of that weekend in September, 2023:

🌟 A Stellar Lineup: We had the honor of hosting 27 phenomenal guests, featuring 20 actors, six brilliant writers, and the genius behind it all – the show’s creator, Chris Carter!

🌐 Global X-Philes Unite: Imagine the Mall of America buzzing with excitement as hundreds of X-Files fans from around the world gathered to soak up the nostalgia and relive the magic of the series that reshaped TV history!

🛸 Epic Vibes: The atmosphere was electric, the excitement contagious, and the memories? Absolutely unforgettable! PhileFest was THE place to be for all X-Files enthusiasts!

Check out the vibes, excitement, and pure epicness of PhileFest – your front-row seat to the X-Files 30th-anniversary extravaganza! 🎥🍿

If you have any photos of your PhileFest experience you’d like to share, email it to [email protected], and we can add it to our memory gallery on this page!

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